Best and Different Types Of Scholarships Available For The Students Of Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University is one of the best university in Phoenix, Arizona. The university offers lots of scholarships to the students who are enrolling there in the university. The main motive of Grand Canyon University is to provide scholarship opportunities. For this reason, only it makes the funding of Christianity university much more reasonable and affordable.

If you want to earn your degree from the campus. Then also the grand Canyon university will provide you with lots of scholarships so that your cost can also decrease. If you want to know more about the scholarship being provided by the Grand Canyon university then just visit the official site. Apart from this, you can even speak to the university counselor if you have any kind of doubts.

gcu scholarships for students

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What are the types of scholarship present for the students of Grand Canyon University?

The followings are some of the types of scholarship being provided by Grand Canyon university to their students and they are:

  • Online student scholarship: this scholarship is basically for online who cannot attend their college. This is the best for those people who work as an employer of a company or any organization. This scholarship is also eligible for evening students.
  • High school student scholarship: high school scholarships are generally for those students who have graduated from high school. The scholarship is available for those students who have graduated from high school between the previous year of December and the current year of June.
  • Transfer student scholarship: this type of scholarship is for those students who have transferred from any other college to Grand Canyon University.
  • Scholarship for international and gap year: This scholarship is available to those students who cannot enroll their name in GCU just because of the high school graduation. The scholarship is also available for the students who are international and they have their F-1 visa 

What are the different types of scholarships and grants for the GCU student?

The followings are some of the different types of scholarship and grants that are being provided by Grand Canyon University to the students and they are:

  • Priority registration award: this type of scholarship start from $125 to $800. It is available per academic year and it is based on the total number of awards that were available at the time of registration. The priority registration award is limited so the requirement for registration and attendance is also included.
  • Grand Canyon university award: in this award, you will get $1000 per academic year that is especially for the Arizona students. $250 to out of state who have graduated from Gcu high school whose GPA is 3.0. This award is also for the students whose act score is 19 or higher and whose SAT is of 1000 or higher than this.
  • Canyon Christian school Consortium Award: this award is eligible for those students who have done their Graduation from CCSC. The GPA should be 3.0, ACT marks should be 19 or higher then that and the SAT score should be 1000 or more than than.
  • CSET award: this type of award is for the programs that are held by the Grand Canyon University. That includes computer science, information technology, computer programming, and technology.
  • Dream. US: this award is the academic year award. That is especially for the registered DACA or DACA eligible students. To be eligible for this award a student should achieve a 3.7 GPA in their high school.


Chancellor Scholarship ($9,750 per year)Minimum incoming 4.0 GPA (un-weighted)

President Scholarship ($7,750 per year)Minimum incoming 3.9 GPA (weighted) or SAT: 1350 (Reading and Math) / ACT: 31

Provost’s Scholarship ($6,750 per year)Minimum incoming GPA (weighted) or SAT: 1225 (Reading and Math) / ACT: 27

Dean Scholarship ($5,750 per year)Minimum incoming GPA (weighted) or SAT: (Reading and Math)/ ACT: 24

Faculty Scholarship ($5,000 per year)Minimum incoming GPA (weighted) or SAT: 1050 (Reading and Math)/ ACT: 22

Antelope Scholarship ($3,750 per year)Minimum incoming GPA (unweighted) or SAT: 1000 (Reading and Math)/ ACT: 20



Grand Canyon University will always provide you with the best scholarship and grants. So that your fees for the academic years should be less and you should pursue your degree without any kind of pressure. In this article, you will get all the details about the scholarship being provided by Grand Canyon University.