The Best On Campus Degree Courses For The GCU Students

Education never sees age. If you have the capacity to do something then higher study will be very much easy for you. So the Grand Canyon University have created all the facilities who enroll there name as the online basis students. If you want to start as a regular student at GCU. Then this article will help you the most in giving all the information about the best degree you can pursue on the campus.

Firstly Grand Canyon University is one of the top universities in Pheonix, Arizona. It is a Christian university. while you are studying at the university you have to follow all the Christian law. You are always welcome to enroll in this institution with the 20,000 other students. 

grand canyon university - GCU

The program offered by Grand Canyon University will especially help to increase the skills of the students. So that they can achieve the greatest position in there life. The courses being offered are of advanced learning. So that you can be an expert in your field.

About the on-campus degree in Grand Canyon University:

There are several types of the program being offered by Grand Canyon University to the graduate and undergraduate student. So before you are enrolling your name in the Grand Canyon University you have to decide very carefully in which field you have to go and in which field you want to be the expert. Whichever course you join the University will give you the deep learning and the skills of the subject.

While you are enrolling in the university you can even join the community of the students and can also participate in several events being organized by the university. While you are staying at university you will all the experiences in lots of fields. That includes economic growth, academic excellence, motivation and also support.

The university is very large and it is situated at 256 acres ground. Not only this they also provide hostel and housing facilities to the student. So if you are the student who is staying outside the Pheonix can stay in a hostel and private housing. Apart from this there are other types of facilities also being provided by the university.

What Are The Courses Being Offered By An On-Campus Degree In GCU?

As it is been already told that the university provides several types of programs to the students. So the followings are some of the lists of the courses being offered by an on-campus degree in Grand Canyon University and they are:

The first series is for the students of a bachelor degree:

  • Bachelor of arts especially in advertising and graphic designs.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Christian studies 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Christian studies in this course especially includes Biblical studies.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Christian studies. This course includes a global ministry.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies which includes philosophy.
  • Bachelor of Arts in communications. In this course advertising, marketing and media studies come.
  • Bachelor of Arts in dance.
  • Bachelor of Arts in dance education.
  • Bachelor of Arts In digital designs includes animation in the course 
  • Bachelor of arts in digital films. 
  • Bachelor of Arts in English.
  • Bachelor of Arts in history 
  • Bachelor of Arts in music education 

The next series consists of all the on-campus master degree courses:

  • Master of arts in Austrium spectrum disorder
  • Master of Arts in Christian leadership 
  • Master of Arts in Christian ministry 
  • Master of Arts in communications 
  • Master in Social works
  • Master of Science in sociology
  • Master of Science in organizational leadership and entrepreneurship.
  • Master of Science in nursing
  • Master of Science in mental health and wellness 
  • Master of Science in mathematics 

The last series consists of on-campus doctoral degree:

  • Doctor of business administration 
  • Doctor of education in organizational leadership 
  • Doctor of nursing practice 
  • Doctor of philosophy in counselor 
  • Doctor of philosophy in general philosophy 

What Are The Main Motives For Grand Canyon University?

As it is already being noted that there are lots of several types of courses being offered by Grand Canyon University. Apart from the bachelor, master and doctoral degree. There is a certificate degree being provided by the GCU to the on-campus students.

So now we will be talking about the main motives of the Grand Canyon University to the students. So the followings are some of them and they are:

  • First, they provide an affordable and reasonable cost for all the students.
  • They also provide highly and updated equipment for the students with the best infrastructure and library
  • At last, they also provide study materials for both the online and the regular students 


The university provides the best studies for the student. So that they can become the expert of the Field they are choosing for. This article contains all the information about the degrees that are on the campus of Grand Canyon University. So that you can get all the information about it. Just follow this article and enroll your name in the course of the Grand Canyon University.